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  • Reduce risk & protect your company against repercussions of Litigations.

    Improve Legal Workflows

    Achieve Greater Control

    Increase Speed & Efficiency

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  • Lex Mantra helps to automate
    and streamline legal workflows

    compliance management
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Legal management software litigation management
Value Proposition
  • Mitigate Risk by Investing in LEX MANTRA - Reduce risk & protect your company against repercussions of Litigations.
  • Improve Legal Workflows by properly defining the case stages.
  • Achieve Greater Control - Lex Mantra provides greater insight into matter inventory / matter stages / counsel performance / legal expenses report.
  • Increase Speed & Efficiency - Lex Mantra gives your legal department the ability to focus on the highest value work.
  • User friendly - The solution is very user friendly as it requires least of the inputs.

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Industry Segment
  • Lex Mantra for Manufacturing Industry
  • Lex Mantra for Automotive Industry
  • Lex Mantra for Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Lex Mantra for Food & FMCG Industry
  • Lex Mantra for Textile Industry
  • Lex Mantra for Hospitals
  • Lex Mantra for Engineering Products

LexMantra for any corporate house that have requirement of litigation manage.

Key Reporting
  • Compliance Control Report - Ensure all Compliance are defined & none is missed.
  • Company Wise Report - Location Wise Pending
    due and Overdue Compliance.
  • Act Wise Report - Statutory Act wise Compliance
    Task reports.
  • Department Wise Report - Task Status - Pending due
    and Overdue Department wise.
  • User Wise Report - Employee wise Pending due and Overdue Compliance.
  • Monthly Compliance Report - Monthly status of your Compliance.

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  • Strong Team of Management, Consultants, and IT Professionals

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  • Domain Knowledge - Subject knowledge for the solution

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  • Stability - an organization to stay for long in Business

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Lex Mantra
    LEX Mantra is a Corporate legal solution designed specially to streamline the legal workflow of a corporate with comprehensive reporting at a single click. The solution deals with facilitating management, employees, counsels of corporates to confidently use the timely & precise information provided by the solution relating to current legal status of cases & next plan of actions with features of proper responsibility allocation. Lex Mantra is not just a Legal Calendaring Solution as it has features that enable multi-level reporting with the use of various permutations & combinations. Lex Mantra helps to automate and streamline the process of calendaring the events and deadlines associated with legal matters.

    It mainly manages legal workflow by effectively streamlining the legal processes.

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Industry Segment
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