Preventive Management (Notice Management)

In various corporate, large numbers of actions are taken against them or by them out of which many extinguish in a matter of while at the stage of Notice or Complaint only. This happens because corporate does not want too much of unnecessary litigations & hence aim at closing the matters as soon as possible. For this purpose, they have to issue notices or complaints & simultaneously act on any notice received or complaint received. This module also helps in identifying matters that are extinguished at the initial stage by the efforts of its employees.
It enables reporting by generating status of :
• Pending Notices
• Close Notices
• Yet to be responded

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  • Record notices or complaints of all aspects
  • Direct conversion to case possible
  • Give Information of probable litigations
  • Escalate unattended / pending for response notices to next level

Value Proposition

  • No Last Minute surprise
  • Proactive approach : Safeguards against unforeseen circumstances that may arise out of ignored notices or complaints
  • A quick status report helps in strategizing & provides opportunity to settle the dispute thereby saving huge litigation cost
  • Increase productivity of Legal team by more than 30%
  • Reduction in cost