LexMantra optimizes performance for legal departments and enables more strategic management of matters and legal risk. 

It not only safeguards organizations against litigations but also shield against probable litigations with the help of its features to capture issues at the stage of notices, complaints & reminders. LexMantra is the technology solution that provides greater oversight, superior legal workflow and productivity to handle an increased volume of work with the same number (or fewer) staff.

Here are just a few of the ways Lex Mantra helping Legal department professionals:


With visibility across all processes and enhanced collaboration, you can resolve matters in a more timely manner. Through features like task delegation, assignment tracking, team management and multiple location management, legal professionals can get an inside look at what’s happening across all legal matters in just a few moments.

Better communication

Brings in-house team, management counsels & consultants on single platform Enhance collaboration and relationships with internal team as well as outside counsel more effectively.

Peace of Mind

As the management remains updated about the litigation status at a single click there is no confusion and stress for legal consequences.

Centralized Storage

Lex Mantra gives place for everything, and it’s all stored in one place. That means one, central location for all information related to each corporate decision, notice, case or matter, including contacts, documents, email and attachments,  plus notes, alerts and reminders.

Report Automation / Enhanced reporting

Right data at right time is the key to make better and well taken business decisions, Lex Mantra leverage data and business intelligence to manage matters more strategically.

Proactive Approach

Helps in identifying matters that are extinguished at the initial stage of Complaint or Notice.

Increase Productivity

Automate and streamline business processes to drive efficiencies and improve staff productivity. Team can easily create, share and collaborate over legal data (from anywhere in real-time), it frees them up to focus more on high-priority tasks and strategy.

Reduce Human Error

Compiling data through excel sheets from various locations to generate reports increasing the probability of errors while LexMantra compile the data and generates reports automatically reducing the possibility of error.

Anytime/anywhere access

Easily access and track all notices/case-related information, tasks, reminders, documents, and reports in one single from anywhere anytime.

Cost Savings

Drive down legal costs, improve spend predictability, and make better sourcing decisions for legal work. Gain visibility into legal matters, costs, risks, and operations and benchmark themselves against peers to identify opportunities for improvement.

Risk Management

Improve visibility into legal risks and trends and make more proactive and strategic business decisions. Reduces risk & protects your company against repercussions of litigations.


Dedicated resource operating as extension of clients’ teams and as a strategic enabler proactively providing insights and recommendations.