Litigation is Unstoppable, but using a Preventive Tool can Minimize it!!!

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In today’s time every company is facing Litigation Challenges and that is unstoppable, even if we are taking care of each and every thing, practicing ethical activities still we get involved into litigation and tackling with the litigation directly affects the efficiency and effectiveness of the company.

There are various challenges of Litigation Like-

  • Conversion of notice into case.
  • Loosing case due to insufficient & lack of timely information.
  • Change of Counsel / Legal Department Employee can result in missing due dates.
  • Missing Legal Documents.
  • Productive Time spent on finding the document
  • …….and many more

We cannot stop the above mentioned challenges because of various reasons and if these challenges are ignored on continuous basis then they can drill down the base pillars and can make them hollow which may result in misbalancing the strength of the organization. We can say that the prevention of such kind of challenges is possible by using a Litigation Management Software that can streamline the corporate legal workflow. 

Lex Mantra is a Litigation Management Software which helps in managing all the litigation of the company so that there can be a proper flow & process of each and every work and there can be a proper track/workflow for tasks that legal team is performing.

Features like- Case Management help us to keep track of all cases running on the company, to get the notifications of all the important dates and to manage documents and brief facts so that we can get the complete details on a single click. Notice Management to manage all the notices that companies receive on a regular basis. Auto Generated Reports to get Single Window View of overall litigations status facilitates informed decision making.  Comprehensive reporting for management analysis across various filter options using multiple combinations like Agencies , section, category, Exposure, Seriousness, Location, Product etc. Saves time in compiling and presenting reports.

We have to adopt and accept the technological path to get success and to get focused on the target of growth of the organization. If we hold the hand of technology today then it will boost up the effectiveness and efficiency to survive in the environment of tomorrow.

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