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Value Proposition:
  • Mitigate Risk by Investing in Lex Mantra - Reduce risk & protect your company against repercussions of Litigations.
  • Improve Legal Workflows by properly defining the case stages
  • Achieve Greater Control - Lex Mantra provides greater insight into matter inventory / matter stages / counsel performance / legal expenses report .
  • Increase Speed & Efficiency - Lex Mantra gives your legal department the ability to focus on the highest value work.
  • User friendly - The solution is very user friendly as it requires least of the inputs
  • Centralized Management of a corporate legal department.
  • Greater insight of the litigations to the management available in real time as entered by legal department of the company
  • Web Based - It is available as a web based solution.
  • Calendaring Features - It provides calendaring features .With its use we can plan diary for an upcoming date that provides an alert for the upcoming event.
  • Documents Management - It facilitates e-filing of documents which facilitates easy reference to documents & ease the hassle of drilling the dust of old files.
  • Preventive Management - One of the most important feature is preventive management wherein one can keep a record of notices/complaints that have not been converted into suits & preventive actions can be taken at this stage to avoid litigations .It also provides the feature of maintaining the risks/exposure associated with each notice/complaint.
  • Impact Wise reporting - It facilitates reporting of matters based on impact i.e. whether the impact is low ( fine of a nominal amount) , medium (fine of an impactful amount) ,high( risk to business continuity , imprisonment )
  • The comprehensive reporting ensures informed & timely decision & hence helps save any Reputational damage.
  • Management can concentrate more on its operations & strategies instead of wasting time & effort in data compilation & getting the litigation status .
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