We have to fill all the loopholes in our business operations to be successful in this competitive environment because a single loophole can create a huge barrier which can lead to losing the track of success. One of the major barriers which can distract our success is Litigation as it can put us from heights to bottom and the litigation may also lead company to lose the trust of public.

Today is not the era to manage the litigation manually because we may lose the opportunity to touch heights if we keep spending our precious time in managing the litigation. There are various disadvantages of managing the litigation manually like- most of our productive time get invested in finding out the status of different notices and cases that are in active stage at different locations of the country, notices get converted into case if we fail to respond on time and that can also result in causing huge penalties to the company, if we miss any document related to our case or notice then it could push us deep down into a well and it will not be easy to get our goodwill back, etc.

It took years to build a brand reputation but Litigation can destroy it in seconds if there is any negligence or any due date/document gets missed out then there could be huge consequences of that because of which the journey of success might came to an end  and catching the heights again may become a dream. If heavy penalties get imposed onto the company then it puts a direct impact on the financial budget that can create a barrier on the plan of investment to grow.

To be on a smooth track it is very important and for that things should be well organized so that one can be on the top of the list. To smoothen the operations and to organize the things in a well-organized manner the best option is to use a Litigation Management Software which can help us in managing the litigation in a right process.

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As per the studies over 80% Notices get converted into Case because of the delayed response, so a proper process is very necessary to keep everything in control and to avoid un-necessary penalties. joining hands with technology can be very helpful to eliminate/minimize the conversion of notices into case. If there can be a proper process of managing all the legal matters/notices and documents in a proper manner then it will result in smoothening the overall workflow of the company and will also reduce the burden from the mind of promoters and the legal team.

We at Agranika Techlabs are providing a Litigation Management Software which helps you in eliminating all major challenges that companies are currently facing so that you can get back on the track to touch heights and can get the competitive advantage also by focusing more time on increasing the productivity of your company.

Benefits to your organization:

  • No data loss in case of change in role & responsibilities of counsels or employees
  • Helps in strategic decision making based on 360° View of internal & external environment.
  • Helps maintain a centralized database.
  • Gained Real time control over litigation stages
  • Automatic Reminders
  • Documents Managent.
  • Single Window View of overall litigations status
  • Auto report generation.

……..and much more.

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