Leaders can manage their litigation by….

Leaders can manage their litigation by using lex Mantra – can save Crores with peace of mind!

Do you use Alexa to order groceries? Or Florence the chatbot for medication reminders? Perhaps your company uses virtual assistants to take care of customers also.
You do use these technology to get your all the stuffs done with a peace of mind!

Lex Mantra is a litigation management solution is based on the extensive research on pains & need related to litigations & legal workflow of our corporate clients.

As a leader you must be facing the below challenges that are snatching your peace of mind definitely-


  • Challenge of receiving legal notices at your different locations that leads to non-answering them- You might operate at different locations and can receive legal notices at many locations where you operate. This can be a reason that you are not able to answer them in given time limit.
  • Challenge of knowing the legal matter when it has become complex only.


  • Challenge of knowing the priorities of the litigations- You might have many legal cases going on in your organization and all the cases are at different stages . Knowing the priority of all of them is a big challenge in itsef.
  • Challenge of missing the legal hearing dates- There must be some scenarios where you have by mistake forgotten the hearing dates because of multiple genuine reasons and this can lead you to the legal penalties as well.
  • Challenge of doing cost- benefit analysis of the litigations.


  • Challenge of obtaining legal documents remotely and centrally- Do you struggle in getting all the important legal documents immediately.