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Some of the key feature of LexMantra are listed below:

Preventive Management
In various corporate, large numbers of actions are taken against them or by them out of which many extinguish at the stage of notice or complaint. This happens because corporate does not want too much of unnecessary litigations & hence aim at closing the matters as soon as possible. For this purpose, they have to issue notices or complaints & simultaneously act on any notice or complaint received. If notice is to be issued, it can be done so with the help of features like "LIBRARY" where documents can be managed. Hence this module also helps in identifying matters that are extinguished at the initial stage by the efforts of its employees.
It enables reporting by generating status of :
  • Pending Notices
  • Close Notices
  • Yet to be responded
  • And many more!
Contact Management
This gives facility of maintaining contact log of anybody & everybody associated with the matters. The log of legal counsels of each case can also be maintained.
Matter Management
This is the most comprehensive module of Lex Mantra wherein each minute detail related to case can be recorded. It provides the facility of feeding & planning the current update & next plan of action respectively. A series of event gets recorded in a proper manner wherein these can be referred at any later date. Also the record of responsible person of the matter making updates is recorded with the complete history of the case.

The features are user-friendly. They have simple input forms & generate reports that are very informative. On the other hand, it provides ease of use & makes the reporting of legal department of a corporate reachable at a single click.
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