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matter management software noida

  • Brings in-house team, management counsels & consultants on single platform.
  • Repository for notices, complaints, plaints, replies, evidences, affidavits, orders or any legal document used in the course of legal proceedings.
  • Automated updates via emails, on dashboard and in calendar.
  • Reduces risk & protects your company against repercussions of litigations.

  • Rights based software which provides the facility of programming who can do what out of the total available features of the solution.
  • It improves legal workflow as the case movement is visible at a single click.
  • The major benefit is the facility of library & e-filing of documents. This facilitates centralized database storage & use.
  • It has features of legal calendaring that provides a calendar view of upcoming dates of matters in the courts. It also provides alerts via email & SMS.
  • Comprehensive reporting is available at a single click of a button.
  • Efficient resource management and planning based on prior knowledge of scheduled activities for coming months, quarter, or year.
  • Better internal (within organization - inter department, inter location, and inter people) as well as external (with consultant, lawyers, opponents etc.) coordination and communication, maintaining logs and allied details.
  • Peace of mind for senior management.
  • Centralized database.
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